Our Platform

A Platform Technology Harnessed to an Integrated Development Strategy that Fully Exploits Discovered Antibodies

The MabVax Approach


Our HuMab-5B1 antibody is fully human and was discovered from the immune response of cancer patients vaccinated with an antigen-specific vaccine during a Phase 1 trial at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). The HuMab-5B1 antibody has excellent tumor targeting capabilities, as well as being internalized by pancreatic cancer cells. These important attributes have allowed us to use the HuMab-5B1 antibody as a tumor-targeting platform upon which we have created multiple products. The antibody itself is in a Phase 1 clinical trial as a therapeutic agent.

Our Discovery Process

The proprietary vaccines licensed from MSK when given to cancer patients drive a specific immune response against the antigens on the targeted cancer cells. We survey this response across multiple patients looking for the best antibody any one patient makes against a specific antigen. We interrogate the patient's immune response down to interrogating single B-cells looking for novel, potentially useful antibodies.

To date we have received patient samples from vaccine trials in SCLC, sarcoma, melanoma, breast, and ovarian cancers and have discovered many fully human antibodies to a variety of known cancer antigens.

Screening Stage

We conduct highly efficient screenings against pre-identified targets focused on the recovery of fully human, natively paired antibody heavy and light chains. We then identify antibodies with superior selectivity, affinity and desirable key characteristics while building a library of human antibodies against multiple targets.

Optimized Therapy

Our fully human antibodies have natural advantages such as targeting specificity while minimizing cross reactivity and immunogenicity. Our integrated development platform includes complementary immuno-PET, diagnostic, ADC and radioimmunotherapy.

A Pipeline of Promising Products

Through our preclinical work on earlier antibody discoveries, we've identified other fully human antibodies that can address cancers besides pancreatic cancer; these new discoveries target breast and ovarian cancer, sarcoma and lung cancer.

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