MVT-1075 - Radioimmunotherapy Product

Novel radioimmunotherapy product combines the targeting specificity of the MVT-5873 therapeutic antibody with the potency of radiation therapy

The Company's lead therapeutic program, MVT-1075, is a human antibody-based radioimmunotherapy (RIT) product, currently being evaluated in a Phase 1 clinical study for the treatment of pancreatic, colon and lung cancer. MVT-1075 combines the established clinical efficacy of radiation therapy with tumor specific targeting. The antibodies hunt for a cancer antigen that the cancer cells have exposed all across their surface. Once it finds its target, the antibody both infiltrates and attaches to the surface of the cancer cell to deliver its deadly radio-isotope payload.

Patient enrollment and dosing in the initial cohort of the Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating MVT-1075 for the treatment of pancreatic, colon and lung cancer has been completed and the Company expects to announce interim data in Q1 2018.

Program Collaborators Discovery Pre-IND Phase 1
Radioimmunotherapy (MVT-1075) Targeting Pancreatic Cancer and CA19-9 malignancies including Lung and GI Cancers MSKCC
Discovery Phase complete
Pre-IND Phase complete
Phase 1 Phase in progress
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Phase 1a

MabVax Phase 1a Clinical Trial

Clinical Trials

  • The MVT-1075 radioimmunotherapy product is a more potent version of the HuMab-5B1 antibody. The results from the MVT-2163 study have significantly aided the development of the MVT-1075 product. Data such as dosimetry analysis and measurements of antibody accumulation on tumor derived from the PET agent have guided the development of the radioimmunotherapy product.
  • The MVT-1075 product could be useful in other difficult to treat cancers besides pancreatic cancer such as small cell lung, bile duct, stomach, and colon cancers that express the same antigen as found on pancreatic cancer.

    For additional information about the Phase 1 MVT-1075 clinical trial, please visit, and reference Identifier NCT03118349