Our Discovery Technology

MabVax Therapeutics Discovery Technology

Focused  Discovery

  • Vaccination drives specific immune response
  • Survey response across multiple patients
  • Single B-cell interrogation yields novel antibodies
  • Native human antibodies generated against validated vaccine antigens
  • Patient samples received from trials in SCLC, sarcoma, melanoma, neuroblastoma, breast, colon, and ovarian cancers
  • Screening 

  • Highly efficient screening against pre-identified targets
  • Recovery of fully human natively paired heavy and light chains
  • Identification of antibodies with superior selectivity, affinity, and key characteristics
  • Library of fully human antibodies against multiple targets
  • Optimized  Therapy

  • Fully human antibodies have natural advantages; target specificity while minimizing cross reactivity and immunogenicity
  • Integrated development platform includes complementary immuno-PET, diagnostic, ADC and radioimmunotherapy